My partner and I spent months trying to encourage Big Sis to walk. But now that she’s mastered the skill I find myself thinking wistfully back to the days when she was still getting around on all fours. 

She was quick, but not nearly as fast as she is now, and at least I could hear her coming, as her hands and knees pounded furiously on the floor. Now she’s always sneaking up behind me – I turn around and she’s right there, either tripping me up, or giving me one heck of a fright. 

And she can get into trouble so much quicker now! Just last week, in a matter of seconds, she managed to get into a (usually locked) cupboard, prise the lid off a paint can, grab a handful of magnolia emulsion, and jam it in her mouth. One tense call to NHS Direct, and a check of the poisons’ register later, my heart rate was finally able to drop back down to the double digits. 

Of course she’s also much taller now she’s standing up. That kitchen drawer that was safe just a few weeks ago is now well within her reach, so it’s back to the store for another packet of drawer locks. 

But despite all the new challenges that accompany her increasing mobility, nothing beats the feeling I get when she walks towards me, with that huge ‘look how clever I am‘ grin on her face.

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