Tightly Wound Tots

Your first few years are supposed to be carefree – filled with eating, sleeping, playing, and plenty of cuddles. Which is why I was sad to read that an increasing number of pre-school children are suffering from stress.
A survey was carried out by the people behind the popular CBeebies show, Waybuloo. Over 1000 parents were quizzed, and a staggering 40 percent claimed their kids were stressed – mostly due to family breakups. Which is why a lot of parents are now looking for ways to chill out their children. You might remember seeing the founder of Yogabugs, Fenella Lindsell, on Dragon’s Den a few seasons ago. She believes that her specially formulated kid’s yoga classes can help relieve anxiety, through simple breathing, posture and relaxation exercises. If you can’t make a Yogabugs class, then tune into Waybuloo instead. The programme is designed to calm and relax preschoolers, with soothing music, lovable animated characters, and gentle yoga-based exercises called ‘Yogo’. My daughter just adores it. She’s not quite old enough to start following the moves yet, but is completely captivated as soon as she hears the theme music. It’s a great way to introduce her to exercise, not to mention a sure-fire way to snap her out of a grumpy mood!

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