Big Sis is at that age now where she’s starting to assert her personality. Sometimes it’s in a positive, constructive way – other times, not so much… 

Her latest trick is to scratch when she gets frustrated, which has lead me to recently introduce the good old naughty stool. 

Except there’s just one problem – Big Sis absolutely loves it! 

Instead of feeling suitably chastised when she’s carried out to the stool, she starts grinning. When I sit her down she begins to giggle, and when I leave her for her one minute, she has a great time. She kicks her legs, and hums, and swivels from side to side. 

When I return, expecting penitence, she gives me a beaming grin, like I’ve just handed out sweets, rather than a punishment. 

Has anyone else had the same problem???

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