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Big Sis is at the age now where she’s copying everything we do.

She’s been talking on the phone for a few months now (the ‘phone’ can be anything from a tv remote to her own cupped hand) but recently her conversations have become bizarrely realistic…

She’ll answer her hand/remote with a loud ‘Aaayyyo?’ Last night she was pacing up and down the lounge, talking, then going silent, then talking again – which is obviously what she sees us do when we stop to listen to the caller at the other end. 

The conversation, if I remember correctly, went something along the lines of ‘Yubba dubba dubba, uh oh, Ups Da (which is Upsy Daisy, for those who aren’t yet fluent in Babyese). 

Here she is (above) having a deep and meaningful on her Wii Nunchuk Controller phone.

• talking about life with toddlers – have you read my ‘Mummy Commandments‘? 



  1. Great post! My Little Miss is nearly 18months and has the same tendency. Anything can be a phone, thankfully! She is usually ringing “Nanny” or “Dada” and then cocks her head to the side like we do and babbles away. So funny! Welcome to BMB, by the way…found your blog there and will be doing a bit of a link on my site to promote new bloggers. Enjoy BMB…there’s a lot of great people in it. And if you aren’t on Twitter yet…come on over…we’re very nice! 🙂
    Karin at Cafe Bebe

  2. Hi there!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! My Little Miss P is 11 months..what a ride! I love your phone story. I’m just noticing how they pick up adult-isms! never fails to amuse!
    I’m following you too..mothers unit! Beats writing about wrinkles any day!

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