My daughter and I got chucked off the bus the other day. 

We were on our way to Big Sis’s weekly music class when the driver stopped me. ‘You’ll have to take the next one,’ he told me. ‘Why?’ I asked, confused. ‘We can’t have more than two buggies on at once,’ he explained. (There were already two other mums on board with their strollers.) 

I’d have understood if the bus had been full, but, aside from the other mums, the downstairs was completely empty. 

I pointed this out to the driver, but he just shook his head.

‘Sorry,’ he shook his head. ‘You’ll still have to get off.’ To be fair, he was quite apologetic, and even gave me a free ticket for the next bus trip, but it just seemed ridiculous to kick us off an empty bus. 

Has anyone else experienced Buggy Bigotry?


  1. I’m terrified to even ATTEMPT the bus with my beast of a double buggy! It was bad enough with a single when the other passengers would act as though I was deliberately trying to spoil their day by daring to take my buggy on the bus in the first place! I especially love the drivers who park in the middle of the road and refuse to lower the step. Nice…

  2. That’s not good! How annoying. What are you supposed to do then, go get a car?! Uughhh

  3. What annoys me is that they’re trying to encourage Londoners to use public transport and reduce congestion, but then they seem to punish you for doing exactly that! I guess I should feel lucky this is the first trouble I’ve had,as I’ve heard some nightmare stories of Mums and babies being turfed off at night, or in the pouring rain, in the middle of nowhere.

  4. i cant believe they can do that! its disgusting, when we lived in spain people would open doors for us, walk in the road so we wouldnt have to get up from there seats to let us sit down. Ive got to say they looked after us far better there than we have ever been treated here. i wonder if they have kids? if they do i bet they wouldnt throw there own wife off!

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