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Hi, I’m Jacqui; a 40+ journalist, and lifestyle & parenting blogger.

I love working with brands relevant to me and my family, to create bespoke posts and exciting, dynamic campaigns.

As a journalist for 20 years, I put a lot of effort into researching and crafting magazine-style posts. All are professionally written (typos are rare, but inevitable, and quickly picked up; however you won’t find grammatical errors, the incorrect use of ‘me’ and ‘I’, or the overuse! Of! Exclamation! Points!!!).

Accompanying images are either specifically created by me to illustrate your content (check out my INSTAGRAM page) or carefully sourced via your own media resources and/or Shutterstock (for which I have a standard useage licence).

I have a good understanding of SEO and how to optimise each post, and always disclose when an item has been gifted, or when a post is a paid commission. Yes, I know I don’t have to unless you’re controlling the content, but decades of professional writing has taught me honesty and transparency are always the best options for me, you and the reader.

I’m also a bit of a social media addict, and use my channels to cross-promote blog posts. As of 10/3/17 my numbers looked like this:

• 21,360+ Twitter followers

• 4500+ Facebook Likes

• 3525+ Google Plus circles

• 2400+ Instagram followers

• 2420+ Pinterest followers

• 2042 subscribers (MailChimp + BlogLovin’)

Blogging, digital strategy and social influencing is my full-time profession. Each job is considered individually; payment can take the form of an agreed fee, gifted products or giveaway prizes, or invites to blogger events. In the case of showcases and events, priority is given to those where expenses are covered (otherwise travel costs leave me out of pocket).

I don’t charge to review products, as I feel this creates a conflict of interest. Equally, I don’t return review samples – this is both because the product is considered ‘payment’, and also because there is a significant time and money cost for me to organise and oversee returns.

If you’d like to chat about a project, drop me a line at

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