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Pep & Co affordable school uniforms

If your children are anything like mine, they’ll come home with muddy knees, cardigans sleeves dipped in paint and felt-pen smeared on their shirt pockets.

Which is exactly why I don’t see the point of spending loads on clothing that may only last weeks (or sometimes just days); especially when you can pick up a range of hard-wearing, stylish and affordable school uniforms.

PEP & CO is one of the newer kids on the back-to-school block, with a range for 3-12 years olds. With both standalone shops and a chain of ‘store-in-store’ outlets within Poundland, it’s expected to fill the gap left behind by chains such as Woolworths.

Driven by customer demand this year’s range is three times bigger than it was at launch, just two years ago. You’ll find pocket-pleasing prices, including 100% cotton white polo shirts from just £1, and shirts from £1.75. Or pick up skirts from £2.50, or dresses and trousers from £3.

In our house the items that go missing most often are cardigans – which you can now replace from just £4.

But it’s not JUST school where you can save; I also like to stock up on plain sweatshirts for the girls to throw on when they’re doing crafts at home. When you can pick them up from £2 it doesn’t matter so much if paint gets splattered, or glue gets spilt. Or when we’re travelling down to visit Great-Grandad on his farm, they’re the perfect casual wear for feeding the bullocks, or playing hide and seek on the fields. 

Use the handy store locator to find your nearest Pep & Co store, and keep those extra pounds in your pocket for the fun stuff these summer holidays. 

• once you’ve stocked up on affordable school uniforms, check out my care and repair videos to make sure you truly get your money’s worth out of every piece. Check out my quick and easy labelling tutorial, my hemming how-to video, and my no-sew hemming tips and tricks. 

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