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Sometimes there literally aren’t enough hours in a day. So anything that saves me time (or allows me to spend more of it having fun with my family, rather than rushing about like a frazzled wreck) automatically grabs my attention. Which is why my interest was piqued when I heard about Asda’s new Click & Collect service.

I started using home delivery when Big Sis was born, six years ago. I worked from home, so it suited me perfectly – especially when Lil Sis was born two years later. But now the girls are four and six, it’s not so convenient anymore. I’m working a lot more hours, so there are client meetings to attend, appointments to meet, and up to three school runs a day. Which means it’s much harder to sit at home waiting for the grocery van to arrive.

To be honest, when I first agreed to trial Click & Collect I wondered how helpful it would really be, as the thought of parking up, getting the girls out of the car, and braving the shopping crowds to pick up my groceries seemed slightly counterproductive. But it turned out I didn’t fully understand the service.

The night before I quickly placed my order online, selecting a collection window of between 10am and 12pm, and straight away I received a confirmation email .

The next morning, as I pulled into Asda, I spotted a large marquee set at the back of the car park, with ‘Drive Thru, Click & Collect’ emblazoned on one side. I pulled up alongside a refrigerated van, where an Asda employee was waiting with a smile.

‘Are you here to pick up your order?’ he asked. After taking my name, he quickly pulled my pre-packed groceries from the van and carried them over to the boot of my car. After signing for them, I hesitated. ‘Is that all you need?!’  I asked. ‘That’s it,’ he replied. ‘Enjoy the rest of your day.’

When I got back in the car, barely five minutes had passed. ‘Should we take off our belts now, Mum?’ the girls asked. ‘No need,’ I replied, slightly incredulously. ‘We’re done!’ It was just so easy – the two-hour collection window means you can easily work your pick up around your other chores, and even once we got there we didn’t have to find a car park, or fight our way through the crowds, or even get out of the car. AND it’s totally free!

I only wish this service had been around years ago; as all you Mums will know, getting a baby and a toddler in and out of the car is time consuming, awkward, and stressful – especially if your little ones have dozed off. Lil Sis used to have a 20-minute meltdown every single time I woke her up; if Click & Collect had been available then, my life would have been SO much easier.

Rest assured, we’ll be making up for that lost time now!

• I received an Asda voucher to trial the Click & Collect service 


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  1. Mummy Matters - September 2, 2014

    This looks like a brilliant idea!! Shopping with children in tow can be an absolute nightmare – with something like this I’m guessing I could do the shopping and get Hubby to collect on his way home from work – PERFECT!

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