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Summer is here. Yay! Which often means lots of long holiday driving. Not so yay.

Whether you’re heading to the UK seaside, or navigating the winding cliff tops of Positano, safety is the most important consideration when covering long distances, especially when you’re travelling with children. So Michelin wants to bust some common driving myths – improving your safety AND saving your tyres (and your wallet) at the same time.  What’s not to love about that?! Here we go…

Myth: It’s safer to avoid winding roads.

Reality: 75% of accidents happen on straight roads. So those steep mountain roads are safer than you think – and you can’t beat those fabulous views from the top!

Myth: It makes no difference if I have winter tyres on during summer.

Reality: Many people mistakenly believe their winter tyres will be safer , even in summer. Wrong! If you’re travelling 100km/h, a typical winter tyre takes SIX METRES longer to stop. And that’s the difference between avoiding an accident, and spoiling your holiday plans – or worse.  Switch to summer tyres, pronto.

Myth: Fuel consumption has nothing to do with tyres.

Reality: Yes, checking the tyres is boring but it needs to be done. Safety issues aside, driving at 14.5 psi below the correct pressure can cost you a tank of fuel a year.

Myth: Light summer rain is nothing to panic about.

Reality: 99% of accidents happen when roads are only slightly wet. So if you’re driving in a light shower, you need to be just as careful as you would be in a heavy downpour. What’s more, dried-up fuel on the road becomes slippery when even a light rain hits – so the first rain after a few weeks of sunshine can quickly result in hazardous conditions.

Drive safe everyone, and have a a great holiday!

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  1. Amy - July 29, 2014

    Brilliant post. Something we listen to others rather than actual safety advice xx

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