DESIGNER KIDS’ CLOTHES (box upon a time)

When I was offered the chance to try Box Upon a Time, I admit I was curious. The monthly subscription service works by having a stylist handpick a selection of designer kids’ clothing, according to your personal taste.

For £49 per month (plus postage) you receive a selection of quality brands, aimed at children aged up to three years, and all discounted by at least 40 percent. You start by filling in a questionnaire, outlining your child’s age, and favourite colours, patterns, and styles. I’ve never been much for girly fashion, so for Lil Sis I opted for ‘Rock’ style (the other options are Classic, Chic, Sport-Casual, and Fantasy). A professional stylist then selects your clothing for you, guided by the preferences you’ve specified. 

I’m quite particular about the clothes I put the girls in, and just wasn’t convinced that someone who’d never met me, or Lil Sis, could select clothes for them that we’d all love. But then I had to eat my hat (no clothing pun intended) because our box arrived… and it was fab!





I loved the funky urban style, and Lil Sis adored them too! She’s obsessed with hoods (or hoots, as she calls them) so the zip-up cardy was an instant hit. We teamed the green t-shirt with some striped leggings and sheepskin boots, while the black sweat shirt was perfect with denim jeggings, and rainbow coloured basketball boots.

What I loved was, while the stylist was basing the box on my own selections, they were styles I might not have thought of choosing myself – and I certainly couldn’t have justified paying full price for similar designer kids’ clothes. So it was a big, fashionable thumbs up from us.

PS: the subscription rolls over each month, but you can cancel or suspend your service at any time, and you can even send gift a subscription to a friend – making it a perfect a pressie for a new baby!

• disclosure: we were sent a box of designer kids’ clothes to review


  1. Mummy Matters - April 7, 2014

    Hmmm quite a cool idea, I always like the way the children look when Hubby dresses them as he ‘sees’ things differently to me. I always tend to go a little safe so I guess this would be another way of spicing up the wardrobe a little.

    • Jacqui - April 7, 2014

      I actually love seeing what Lil Sis comes up with when she’s let loose in the wardrobe… she’s quite the fan of mixing patterns, like putting a starry dress with stripy leggings, and yet somehow she carries it off!!!! xx

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