MAKE A LASTING CHANGE (team honk digital postcard)

It’s so easy to just not think about the poverty in third-world countries. After all, there are disadvantaged families living right here in the UK, and you’ve got your own lives to worry about.
But we live on a planet that is, via technology and travel, becoming smaller. While it’s important to ‘look after our own’ we also need to consider and care for the global community.
Which is why the fundraising efforts of Sport Relief are so vital. To coincide with International Women’s Day three of our fabulous fellow bloggers, Tanya, Annie, and Penny from #TeamHonk, have travelled to Tanzania to raise awareness, and let us know how the money is being used to create #LastingChange.
Such as Claudia’s story: Claudia is a 54-year-old mother and grandmother who has turned a her hobby of soap making  into a thriving and profitable business.
Just one year ago Claudia was producing 20 litres of liquid soap a month, selling to family and friends. Now, with support from The Gatsby Trust, Claudia produces 3,000 litres per month, employs two people and – as well as her loyal family and friends – now also sells to the local community, hotels and shops. In addition, she also trains other women, creating a new skilled, self-sufficient generation.
So how can you help?
• by RT’ing and sharing any updates you see with the #LastingChange hashtag
• sponsoring the #TeamHonkRelay for Sport Relief
• joining your local SPORT RELIEF event
Make a difference today, and help create #LastingChange

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