SHOULD I SNOW OR SHOULD I GO? (cosmos holidays competition)

The lovely peeps at Cosmos Holidays have asked me to recall my favourite summer holiday memory. But there’s just one problem… I can’t pick just one!

Growing up in New Zealand the beach was practically in our back yard. You take it for granted when it’s just there, but since arriving on these more… overcast shores… I’ve developed a deep appreciation for all things sunny and sandy. 

The first memory that springs to mind is this trip to tropical Far North Queensland, about 15 years ago. It was a week of sun, sea, snorkelling, and skydiving and, to this day, it’s the most relaxing holiday I’ve EVER been on. 

Then there was a magical trip to Capri, just before I swapped jet setting for motherhood, where the food was divine, and the water the most remarkable shade of sapphire blue… 

And how can I not include Positano, with its clear blue waters, sunny skies and unbelievable views? But when it comes to picking just one outstanding beach memory, it has to be this one… 

… the first moment that Big Sis ever saw the ocean, on the Caribbean paradise of St Lucia. I was five months pregnant with Lil Sis at the time, so we made the most of our last few months before the newborn tornado touched down. It was completely idyllic: lazing on the beach during the day, and dining in beachside cafes at night. *nostalgic sigh*

So, are you a Sun Goddess, or a Snow Bunny?! Pop over to the COSMOS HOLIDAYS Facebook page, and try their fun quiz to find out ‘Should I Snow, or Should I Go?’. Then fill in your details, and you could win your very own holiday. 

Good luck!! 

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