‘Would you like to visit Cadbury World..?’ the note began. 

It said some other stuff too but to be honest I have no idea what it said, nor did I care. I’d read enough. ‘We’re in!’ I hurriedly typed back. 

We’d looked at going to CADBURY WORLD (or, as the girls called it: Chocolate Land) last year, but decided Lil Sis was a bit too young to really appreciate it. 

Inside, it’s like a cross between a museum, with an interactive history of Cadbury’s, and product displays from over the years. Parts were still a bit more ‘grown up’ like the mini tour that gave you glimpse inside a working factory production line – although the cup of liquid chocolate at the end went down a treat!

But there were also parts the kids LOVED, including the cute Cadabra ride, where ‘Beanmobiles’ drove us through a surreal cartoon chocolate land (kinda like Disney’s It’s a Small World ride). The tour concluded in the World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop. Chocoholics’ Heaven!

The Jack and the Beanstalk Christmas panto was a hit, and the girls had great fun in the outdoor play area (although it was a little bit crowded with older kids). Santa was there in his grotto too, but the line was soooooo loooooong and the girls were crashing down from their chocolate high, so we left with promises to take them to the local shopping centre the following week. Soz kids. 

Luckily we had this amazing choccie goodie bag to keep them happy…

Thanks for our fun day out, Cadbury World. 

• we visited Cadbury World as their guests

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  1. Hurrah for gin - December 11, 2013

    Sounds fabulous! I’ve been to one in New Zealand funnily enough 🙂

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