LUNCHBAG LOVE (fun and healthy snack ideas)

Food. The bane of my life. I love eating it, but preparing it? Another matter. 

I’m just not that clever or imaginative when it comes to preparing meals, and thinking of packed lunches. So I tend to stick with stuff that comes ‘ready made’: fresh fruit, wholemeal wraps, rice cakes, fruit sticks, blah, blah, blah…

There are many easy recipes for kids over on the SUPER SAVVY ME website, as well as nutritious snack ideas. A quick read gave me loads of lunch-y inspiration – stuff I’d never even have thought of! 

Such as: 

• carrots and cucumber strips, with a little pot of houmous. 
• tortilla wraps, rolled with ham and green pepper strips
• sweetcorn salad with red pepper, tomato and cucumber
• mange tout and baby corn 
• frozen fruit smoothies (which will be melted, and nicely chilled by lunch)

All quick, healthy lunchbox options my girls would love, and super quick and easy for me. Every one wins!

• posted on behalf of Super Savvy Me

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  1. Soph - October 14, 2013

    You should try Fruit Burst – great little fruit juice cartons with delicious flavours like Cool cherry and luscious lime, but no added sugar.

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