CAREX LIVE LIFE HANDS ON AWARDS (win £500 red letter day vouchers)


Hands. We take them for granted, but they’re pretty important. Without them, how would we pick up stray Lego pieces, and wipe little bottoms, and launch tickle attacks?!

See? Important. 

The folks at Carex don’t take hands for granted. Au contraire; they’re celebrating all the hard work they do. In fact, to commemorate their 20th birthday, they want to find out exactly what your hands get up to. 

Document a day in the life of your digits. You can use photos, video, diary entries, drawings… it’s up to you! 

Enter the CAREX LIVE LIFE HANDS ON AWARDS and you could win one of 20 Red Letter Day vouchers, each worth £500! Use them to buy anything from a luxury spa trip, to an adrenalin-filled adventure weekend, to a family break with the kids. 

The competition is open to everyone; from busy mums to landscape gardeners, lollipop ladies to office workers. 

So get ‘Hands On’, and appreciate your appendages. Good luck!! xx

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