A LITTLE BIT OF ME-TIME (a kenco/belvita shoppertunity)

‘We need someone to buy Kenco coffee and Belvita biccies, drink and eat them, chill out while you’re doing it, and tell us all about it,’ the message read (or words kind of to that effect). 

‘You had me at coffee…’ I replied. 

Being a working Mum of two, means there’s very little me-time left over at the end of the day. So the chance to take part in this Collective Bias shopping project was heaven sent. An excuse to take an hour out, and relax, without feeling guilty?! Yes please!

Lil Sis and I toodled to our nearest Tesco, and into the coffee aisle, where we were met with this dazzling array…

My first decision was… what type of Kenco coffee did I want..? 

There was instant, pre-mixed cappuccino, and the fancy new Millicano blend, which stood out from the rest with its silver and red packaging (top L)

I’d seen the ads on telly, where they claimed it tasted just like café blends, so this was the one for me. Since the girls were born, I’ve had more coffee running through my veins than red blood cells. I love it, but I need it too: that little caffeine kick in the morning really jump-starts my day. 

Next it was biccie time! I’m pretty bad at remembering breakfast. By the time I drag myself, then the girls, out of bed, and get them fed, watered and dressed, there’s barely enough time to rush out the door, let alone eat. 

Chomping on a biscuit though, I could definitely manage. 

We found them easily enough: smack dab at eye level, and standing out with their sunny yellow packaging. Then it was home, to try out our goodies…

I was impressed with the Millicano coffee – it really did taste more like a café blend than an instant. The Belvita biccies were delish too, and, even better, I could take them with me in the car when I drop Big Sis off at school. Brekkie-to-go! 

So, back to my little bit of me-time; it actually felt really strange to sit down and open a magazine without simultaneously answering emails, checking phone messages, and generally running around keeping everyone else happy. But it was a feeling I could definitely get used to!

Here’s the photographic proof that I actually had some time to myself… 

I’ll keep this, so I can look back and remember that precious hour, and how darn good it felt. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get another hour to myself, some day soon. 

Until then, I’ll settle for another cup of coffee. Flick the kettle on will you?


  1. HELEN - May 22, 2013

    I love Milicano…I love a bit of that magazine too 😀

  2. NewMumOnline - June 18, 2013

    I’ve also just done a Kenco #CBias shop. Really enjoyed it. Funnily enough my shop also came with me time (but it was just the walk to and from the shop LOL).
    Feel free to link any “me time” you have to my T’You’sDay linky on Tuesdays xx

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