HOME AND DRY (wonderful waterproof bedding)

Motherhood is full of quandaries. 

What do you do with your newborn while you’re taking a shower? How do you shoehorn yourself, a pushchair, and a toddler, into a single toilet cubicle? And how do you hold an umbrella, when your stroller needs two hands to steer?!

Mummy dilemmas. 

Like this; Lil Sis is 2.5, and essentially toilet trained, but still has the odd accident at night. Which is fine; to be expected even. 

I put a waterproof sheet on her bed: problem solved! 

Not quite. You see, every night without fail Lil Sis wakes up, leaves her bed, and crawls into mine. I’m so used to it now, I barely notice her clambering in; I just wake up in the morning, and she’s lying in my arms. 

I pretend to be annoyed about it, but I love it really. Except the time I was woken by a spreading wet patch, rather than a flurry of kisses.

Yep. Her waterproofed bed was dry (and empty), while mine was wet.  

Not. Happy. 

A lot of spongeing, deodorising, and hairdryer-ing later, I had my bed back. But I panicked every time Lil Sis climbed in. 

Then the answer came to me. Well, emailed to me, to be exact. 

Waterproof sheets for grown-up beds! I’m not talking those hideous crinkly, crackly things that used to be around when I was a kid. These ones, from B.SENSIBLE, are made from super-soft Tencel material, with a breathable membrane that stops moisture, while still allowing air to circulate. 

Perfect for co-sleeping with accident-prone little ones. 

The sheets are so comfy you can use them alone, or under your usual fitted sheet as a mattress protector (it also protects your mattress from dust mites). If you didn’t aleady know they were waterproof, you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell. 

Check out the full range, including Moses basket, crib, cot and cot bed sizes, HERE.

So now I can relax knowing that, should another midnight accident happen, the sheet can simply be stripped off, and the pricey mattress will remain unscathed.

Dilemma resolved! 

• we were sent the b.sensible sheet for the purpose of review

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  1. Jennifer Howze - March 22, 2013

    It’s a lovely experience — when they sneakily climb into your bed and you wake with this soft warm little bundle. I have had similar moments of panic though — not because of nighttime accidents but when my daughter was battling nits.

    You also reminded me of the difficulty of the stroller-umbrella combination. It’s not a good day for that today!

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