GIRLS (the gallery)

When  I was pregnant, I just knew I was having a boy. 

Everyone agreed. EVERYONE. ‘You can totally see from your bump it’s a boy,’ people would tell me. One time I was interviewing a clairvoyant for a magazine feature. ‘You’re having a boy, you know,’ she blurted, mid sentence. 

We had piles of boys’ names picked out. OH would talk about teaching our son football. I’d go into Baby Gap and pick out the boys’ clothes I was going to buy.

One day, just before the 5-month scan, an old Greek woman came up to me in the street and rubbed my stomach. ‘I have had five sons, and one daughter,’ she told me. ‘YOU are having a boy!’

It was settled. There was absolutely no doubt. Then we had the scan. 
‘Congratulations,’ the ultrasound technician announced. ‘You’re having a girl!’

And we were stunned, and – if I’m completely honest – a teensy bit disappointed. The son we’d spent countless hours talking about, imagining, and starting to love, had just disappeared, and I needed to wrap my head around it. 

But, by the time we’d walked out the hospital doors ten minutes later, that confused feeling had given way to something else. 

Excitement was literally bubbling in my stomach, as I now imagined holding a tiny baby girl. I could teach her all the things I’d spent a lifetime learning; everything from how to plait hair, to make daisy chains, and deal with Mean Girls at school. 

I could teach her to be kind, loving and respectful girl, then help her grow into a strong, independent, smart, confident, successful woman. 

Within an hour I couldn’t even remember why I’d wanted boys in the first place. What was I thinking? I was meant to have daughters – a point proved two years later when our next scan revealed another girl. It just felt so darn right

OH is now hopelessly outnumbered, and we couldn’t have been happier about it. It’s impossible to imagine life without our wonderful, infuriating, nutty, loving, stubborn, adorable, irreplaceable girls. 


  1. Eastwitching - February 14, 2013

    What a surprise! But who cares – lovely shot of your girls surrounded by nature!

  2. Chez Mummy - February 14, 2013

    I absolutely love having a girl (although my boy is obviously very special too). My husband is already excited about things like walking her down the aisle and I love the bond we have

  3. Only Best For Baby - February 14, 2013

    Beautiful! Girls are wonderful and so much fun. I remember when I found out I was having a girl, I was so excited. And now, my life is full of little miss sunshine! x

  4. Lynda@OrchardToys - February 14, 2013

    Oops, you can’t be right all the time! What lovely little girls, do hope that they’re great friends, as well as sisters!

  5. Bibsey Mama - February 14, 2013

    Love this story. I always thought that I wanted a girl and when we went for the scan I wondered how I would feel if it was a boy. Right before we went in I realised that all I really cared about was that the baby was healthy. It was a girl of course and I was over the moon.

  6. OneDad3Girls - February 14, 2013

    Girls are the best but I would say that.

    That is a beautiful photo

  7. Notmyyearoff - February 15, 2013

    Awww! When I was pregnant I was convinced it was a boy all the way through and we didn’t ask at the scan either so it was always a bit of a mystery. Then in the last week I just knew it was a girl. Not sure why I suddenly changed my mind but I was absolutely convinced! ….. it was a boy 🙂

  8. familyfourfun - February 16, 2013

    Great story I was always convinced by the sex and if anyone told me different it would’ve taken a while to come to terms with the shock. Little girls are great even if they’re not all sugar and spice xx

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