CRAFTY KIDS (baker ross review)

Sometimes fate steps in at just the right time. Like when the traffic lights turn green in neat succession, or the lift doors ping open just as you walk up to them. 

Or a big box of goodies turns up from BAKER ROSS on the first day of half-term… 

One word. Lifesaver

The girls had been cooped up for weeks; first Big Sis got chicken pox, then an ear infection, then Lil Sis inevitably got the spots too. By the time half-term rolled around, they were literally bouncing off the walls. 

Boredom had reduced them to running around in circles, screaming hysterically, or hurling themselves at each other, until one (or both) got hurt. 

Baker Ross didn’t just save my children from breaking each other, they saved my teetering mental health with their delectable selection of crafts. 

Like the cool flower (above) that Big Sis made with teensy sheets of screwed up tissue paper. Or the hanging 3D hearts she and Lil Sis spent ages carefully colouring in. And the Easter cards they cheerfully decorated for their Nana back home in New Zealand. 

And we hadn’t even reached halfway into our craft box!! *claps hands excitedly*

So, thank you, Baker Ross, for saving my sanity, and keeping the girls excited, inspired and entertained. 

• we received a box of baker ross goodies for review

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  1. familyfourfun - March 3, 2013

    Love the picture, she looks delighted! Xx

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