Here are the girls enjoying their brekkie, courtesy of wonderful Warburton’s. 

And why, exactly, are Britain’s favourite bakery giving away their crumpets, willy-nilly, you ask? Because they’re trying to make family breakfasts run just that little bit smoother, by compiling the ultimate brekkie handbook. 

To do so, they’ve asked a whole bunch of us Mums and Dads for all our top-secret tips on how to make that morning rush slightly less stressful. 

Here are mine (there aren’t many, since my mornings are pretty much bedlam, and I’m probably the last person to ask for advice, but here we go!). 

• get your bowls and spoons ready the night before

• only give your kids one brekkie choice, or else you’ll end up making separate dishes for everyone

• don’t get your kids dressed before they eat – unless you want to change their shirts/hose them down afterwards

• keep a constant eye on the clock

• don’t turn on the telly/iPad or your kids will stop chewing, and start gawking

• get your kids to put their bowls in the dishwasher; one less job for you to do!

• pour your tea or coffee into a travel mug, so you can take it with you if you run out of time

And, last but not least… 

• enjoy your brekkie!!

Pssst: we got a lovely gift box of brekkie bits from Warburtons!

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