BOOTALICIOUS BABY (kids’ footwear)


It’s a bit sad when you’re literally jealous of your four-year-old. But I’m only human, and these faux fur boots from the kids’ range at are Pretty. Darn. Awesome. 

And, if Big Sis wasn’t rubbing it in enough, she also got these super-cool riding boots to try out. *jealous grumble*

Big Sis Barratts boots

The only solace I can take is the sense of frugal satisfaction that both pairs cost just £45. Bargain, right? AND… Barratts currently have 30 percent off everything. You heard right – EVERYTHING, including grown-up boots and shoes.

‘Scuse me folks… *scurries off to visit website*. 


  1. Kahanka - December 11, 2012

    Both pairs are stunning, what a lucky girl 😉

  2. familyfourfun - December 12, 2012

    Both pairs are stunning – what size do the riding boots go up to? 😉 xx

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