WELL WELL WELLIES! (hunter children’s boots)

No wonder Big Sis looks so darn happy. I’d be grinning like a loon too, if I had a pair of wellies as cool as hers. I mean, just look at these will you:

They’re not just practical wet-weather footwear; they’re a work of art! *deep sigh* 

But I shall have to live my Hunter fantasies vicariously through Big Sis, since there’s no way I can possibly fit these ones. Not that I’ve tried to wear them, or anything. That would just be weird. *looks away, whistles*

Big Sis’ fantabulous boots cost £35 from SIMPLY HIKE they also have big girls Hunter wellies too, so Mummy might have to start saving her pennies. 

Bring on the puddles!! 


  1. MidlifeSinglemum - November 13, 2012

    Love your Wellies. For the first time this week I let DD choose something I hated. She so wanted the wellies in dull pink with Snow White on the side – ugh! And i so wanted her to have the ones with a red flower wallpaper effect. I kept quiet. I think I may be evolving as a mummy.

  2. mummyslittlemonkey - November 13, 2012

    Don’t cha hate it when they pick the most lurid, garish style possible?! Which they inevitably do. My tipping point was pink glittery Hello Kitty wellies. The things we put up with, huh?? 😉

  3. CherryBlossomRain - November 15, 2012

    I love the wellies! Im sure my Moo would love them too! Gorgeous..

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