SUPER-BUGGY! (the britax b-agile 3)

Lil Sis is at that trying age where she insists on doing everything herself. All I seem to hear these days is: ‘Stop it Mummy, I do it, go ‘way Mummy!’. 

My crime? Daring to help her down some steep stairs, or across a busy road, or rescuing her when she wedges both arms through the head hole of her jumper. *sigh*

She also loves to (s-l-o-w-l-y) walk everywhere by herself now (no holding hands, mind; that’s for babies). But there are still times when those little legs get worn out, and I can coax her into the pushchair. 

We’ve recently been trying out the BRITAX B-AGILE 3 stroller, and I’m kicking myself that we didn’t come across it earlier. As the name suggests, it’s amazingly manoeuvrable, and totally user friendly. 

Last weekend we took the girls to some nearby woods for a spot of pinecone collecting (more about that later…). I was a bit worried the pushchair would struggle on the marshy, ground, but the B-Agile made easy work of the uneven ground of the woodlands. 

It has a roomy basket to store all those Winter essentials; hats, scarves, wipes, water, snacks, teddies, pine cones… 

But even more amazing was how simple it was to put up and down. We’ve been through five pushchairs since the girls were born, and I can honestly say I’ve never had one so easy to open and close. 

With the push of a button and the flick of a latch, the pushchair practically folds itself. And in reverse it almost springs open, instantly ready for use. 

And it’s so light! Simple to lift in and out of the car boot. 

If only Lil Sis was half as easy to operate…

(The Britax B-Agile has a RRP of £229.00 . It also comes with adaptors to attach a Baby-Safe infant carrier, or carrycot.) 

• the Britax B-Agile was provided for the purpose of review. 


  1. CJ Amummysview - November 21, 2012

    Looks fab! britax flagged up their double version to me when I was discussing whether to get a double pushchair or not for our new arrival. They look great and love that it’s lightweight too! I just need to save up! x

  2. mummymatters - December 4, 2012

    We have this one too and it’s brilliant, it is so lightweight and easy to steer. I also love the large seat area as little man has plenty of space 🙂

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