‘I don’t like sandwiches anymore,’ Big Sis informed me the other evening. 
Which was a complete pain, since it was 7.30pm, and I had no lunchbox backup. 

I needed the salvage the situation. Fast.

So I dug out some cookie cutters, and used them to cut through the bread. May I present to you – the Manwich!! (and some love hearts, but I couldn’t think of a clever name for them – loaf hearts?)

PS: she polished them off… result!


  1. MidlifeSinglemum - October 26, 2012

    Quick thinking – well done!

  2. Ebabee - October 26, 2012

    Great idea! That’s what parenting is all about – thinking creatively on your feet and very quickly!

  3. Zaz - October 26, 2012

    Love em! If you made enough of them you could do a whole YouTube video – dancing man-wiches!

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