PEPPA PIG-ILICIOUS!! (peppa pig world)

You know how sometimes you really look forward to doing something and it just doesn’t quite live up to the image in your head, and you arrive home feeling tired, and grumpy, and ever-so-slightly cheated?

Not this time, people, not this time! PEPPA PIG WORLD didn’t just meet my expectations, it surpassed them (and that takes some doing!). 
Sure, the queues were a bit too long, and the rides a bit too short, but I expect that from any theme park. If you make sure to get there early enough, you can get a good run before the crowds get too crazy. 

I thought the rides were fab – perfectly designed for the younger age group.  And the bright colours, and fun, whimsical design really made it feel like you’d stepped into the pages of a cartoon. 

I loved the way the park remained faithful to the brand – all the characters, buildings and landscapes looked exactly like they do in the books, and on the telly, which really added to the illusion of Peppa Pig coming to life!

The girls had a blast; although I would say that Big Sis, at 4-years-old, was at the upper end of the ideal age range, while Lil Sis, at 2-years-old, was slightly too young to make the most of every attraction. 

My only slight criticism is that I wish they had a wider, healthier choice of food on site – young kids, adrenalin, and sugar are not the best mix. 

All-in-all, it was a fun, fab, Peppa Pig-ilicious day! 

• we were given two adult press tickets for the purpose of review 


  1. Mummy Matters - October 13, 2012

    Awww this is on our ‘must-visit’ list as both of the tiddlers love Peppa Pig and they LOVE rides so it just makes sense to stick the two together doesn’t it!!! Glad you had a good time (ya big kid!) x

  2. Susan Mann - October 15, 2012

    Peppa Pig world is awesome. x

  3. Maddie - November 21, 2012

    Sounds fab – will have to add it to our family trip list… that is… if we don’t win the free tickets! 🙂

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