DELICIOUS WELLICIOUS (comfy cool gym gear)

One of the things I seriously missed after having kids, was going to the gym. 

Over the years I’d morphed myself from complete couch potato, to five-days-a-week gym bunny. So it was really hard to put my workouts to one side when the girls were born. 

But now Lil Sis is two, and her clinginess has receded to the point where I can leave her without fear of her self-combusting with panic. So I’ve reclaimed one morning for myself – two precious hours when I squeeze in a gym workout, listen to some music, and just switch my mind off Mummy-mode. Bliss! 

Not surprisingly, two babies in two years had left me somewhat, erm, rounder than when I’d last squeezed into my workout clothes, meaning my old gym gear was pretty much a write-off (perfect excuse to do some shopping, huh?).

That’s when I discovered WELLICIOUS. You know when you find a website, and just want to buy everything on it? That

Wellicious is an online store that specialises in practical gym gear and lounge wear that feels comfy, while still looking flattering and funky.

I absolutely love their range of stretchy leggings and gym pants, softly draped tops, and snugly controlling vests and tank tops. They also do a fab selection of maternity clothing.

After drooling over admiring the range, I was thrilled to sample the gorgeous Wellicious yoga pants, as seen above. 

They’re fantastic quality and super-comfy, and the stretchy ankle cuffs prevent them from riding up to reveal embarrassingly white legs (yes, spoken from experience). The soft, gathered waistband flatter the good bumps, and hide the bad ones, and look pretty darn funky while doing it. 

I’ve made up my mind to invest in a Wellicious top to go with my yoga pants; the painful part will be picking just one… 


• the yoga pants were provided for the purpose of review

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  1. Zaz - November 1, 2012

    Oh, I know the feeling to miss that precious me-time that’s actually good for you! I have vowed to finally rejoin the gym and get my inner yogi back – after my two darlings I’m missing my 4-times a week sessions, so will be thrilled if I can squeeze one in!

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