I haven’t seen much of Big Sis recently. She’s been here physically, but mentally, she’s in another place completely. A place I’ve taken to calling… Kurio Land. 

In fact, since I wangled this Kurio 7 tablet for her to try out a few weeks ago (See? Best Mum EVER!) I don’t think I’ve seen Big Sis’ entire face – just some hair and a pair of eyebrows poking out from over the top of the screen. 

It’s easy to assume these tablets are just fancy games consoles, but I was really impressed by just how clever the Kurio is. It’s not an overpriced toy (like other disappointing versions on the market) it’s a proper computer that gives my iPad a run for its money with its 7″ HD capacitive screen, and pile of fab features. 

As well as wifi connection and (parentally controlled) internet access, the Kurio has a built-in video and digital camera, HD video and music player. You can even load it with books, like a Kindle. 

Of course you also have your fun pre-loaded video games – everything from good old Angry Birds (who doesn’t love those belligerent little birdies?) to painting and educational apps. 
Big Sis has just started reception class, so I’ve been downloading some extra games that encourage her to read and write the alphabet. So basically she’s doing homework, without even realising. Brilliant!

And when she’s earned herself a little break, I can play her favourite Mr Bean cartoons from You Tube. 

It’s intelligent and sophisticated, but still user-friendly enough that Big Sis, 4, can navigate her way around with ease. Even Lil Sis, 2, can enjoy the painting games with a bit of assistance. The Kurio truly is a tablet the entire family can enjoy. 

The only downside I’ve encountered is fighting everyone else off to use it! 

The Kurio 7″ retails for £150. The Kurio 10″ retails for £200. 

• the Kurio was provided for the purpose of review but we absolutely LOVED it! 


  1. Actually Mummy - September 25, 2012

    Gah! GG has been pestering me for one of these ever since I told her about them! They look a.ma.zing!!

  2. Mummy Matters - September 25, 2012

    Wow lucky Big Sis, I would LOVE to get Little Bean one of these then perhaps I could have my iPad back!!!

  3. Emily - September 25, 2012

    My two have them on their Xmas lists – would be soooo jealous!! x

  4. Kahanka - September 26, 2012

    Wow, looks amazing, very jealous ;)))

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