BARBIE BONANZA (barbie princess & the popstar)

I try not to let the girls watch too much of the Goggle Box, but there are definitely times when the telly is called on as a reward for good behaviour. 

Other times I might be frantically trying to get some work done, and need to call on the good ‘ole rectangular babysitter to buy me a bit of peace and quiet (don’t pretend like you don’t do the same..!)

The other week we were sent a copy of the new Barbie movie The Princess and the Popstar. The girls both love Barbie (before you all start screaming ‘gender stereotypes!!’ they love Jake and the Neverland Pirates too) so I struck a deal with them – help Mummy tidy up, and they could watch it. 

I’ve never seen them move so fast! Within minutes the toy-strewn lounge had been completely cleared, Lil Sis was ‘hoovering’ with her toy Mr Henry, and Big Sis was dusting the window sill with a baby wipe. Such is the magical power of Barbie. 

So, the gist of the story is that pampered Princess Tori (played by Barbie) swaps places with Popstar Keira for some wholesome hijinx, and together they fend off a threat to the Kingdom of Meribella.

The girls were completely enthralled for over an hour by the cute characters and the boppy, bouncy Pop songs. As soon as it was finished, they asked to watch it all over again (unsuccessfully, I might add – there are limits to how many boppy, bouncy Pop songs Mummy can handle in one sitting) . 

And then, as if the girls couldn’t get any MORE excited, this arrived in the post… 

Yes, it’s a Barbie-playing-Princess Tori Barbie! Not only does she have a fancy-schmancy convertible dress and hairstyle, if you press her necklace she sings a little ditty. 

What more could you ask for? 

Barbie The Princess and the Popstar, RRP: £10.99.
Barbie Princess Popstar, RRP: around £24.99

• the Barbie doll and video were provided for review

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  1. Lizzie Owen - October 1, 2012

    if I hear mine singing ‘Girls Just Wanna Have F….Huuuun….ooowah…Girrrrrls Just Wanna Have Fuuuuuuun’!!!! ONE more time, I may have to murder Barbie!! They’d DIE if they had the doll too!! x

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