I know what you’re going to say… why join a Twitter Linky? 

Well, you know how you set up a Twitter account, then start writing a Blog under a completely different name, and no one in the universe realises you’re the same person? 
Or you’ve just started Tweeting and your only followers are your Mum, some random school friend you haven’t seen in 20 years, and a car hire company in Boise, Idaho?
Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the solution to your Twitter woes. Tweet Me Tuesday. I know, what you’re thinking – firstly, what an outstandingly clever use of alliteration, and secondly, where do I sign up? 
It’s simple really. Add your Twitter name below via Mr Linky and link it back to your TWITTER PAGE. (No, not your Blog page, silly, because that gets listed on Blow Your Own Blog-Horn every Friday, innit?). 
This will open each week on – you guessed it – Tuesday, and will run all week. Well? What are you waiting for? Join the Twitter Linky, and let the fun begin!

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