It was a gorgeous day – 27 degrees, blue skies, with just the hint of a cooling breeze.

‘Why don’t we sit outside while your sister is having her nap, and you can draw some nice pictures?’ I suggested to Big Sis. 

‘Yes please, Mummy!’ she replied.  

Big Sis loves drawing rainbows, circles, smiley faces – sweet, girly things like that. 


This time I came back to find these…

‘What are they?’ I gasped, shuddering.  

‘Scary Monsters with sharp teeth,’ Big Sis replied. 

Of course. Silly me.


  1. Rosiescribble - May 25, 2012

    Oh blimey. Not very Disney are they. Made me smile though!

  2. mummyslittlemonkey - May 25, 2012

    Ha ha!! I do wonder what a psychologist would make of them though… 😉

  3. Kahanka - May 28, 2012

    Well, I have to say she is very good at drawing anyway… it doesn’t have to be smiley faces and princesses all the time ;)))

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