SAFE AND SOUND (britax trifix carseat review)

Confession: I’m a seatbelt nerd. 

In my 39 years on this earth I don’t think I have ever intentionally not worn my seatbelt. In fact, I’m one of those really annoying people who orders everyone else to put theirs on too, and starts spouting off road accident statistics if you dare to protest.

I’m even more obsessive about putting the kids in quality car seats, which is why I was instantly impressed by the sound of the new BRITAX TRIFIX – dubbed their safest seat for children from 9-18kgs (approx 9mths to 5yrs). 

Lil Sis was so excited when she saw her new seat. Normally it’s a bit of a battle getting her to sit still long enough to be buckled in, but she was grinning from ear-to-ear, and couldn’t wait to clamber up and into it! 

I loved the fact it felt really strong and sturdy, and secured directly (and easily) to the Isofix connection points, which are actually built into the car seats. In addition, it also had the added reassurance of the V-tether, a strap which stretches tightly over the car headrest, and clips to an extra anchorage point. 

The seat itself had lovely thick padding on the back and sides for comfort, and special side impact pads to cushion and protect Lil Sis in the event of a collision

I also felt incredibly reassured that the seat was specifically designed to limit movement, while the five-point harness kept her secured, hugely reducing the harmful forces that can cause serious injury. Britax call it their 360 Degree Protection.

The Trifix is not just super safe – it’s practical too. The seat has four reclining positions, and the cover removes completely for washing. But my favourite thoughtful little touch was the buckle that stays in the forward position – no more awkwardly fishing under your little one’s backside to find it!

When it comes to your little ones, that level of safety, and peace of mind, is priceless. 

The Britax Trifix RRP: £319.99

• the britax trifix was provided for the purpose of review


  1. Chloe Brewer - April 14, 2012

    I think if there is any type of nerd it’s ok to be then a seatbelt nerd is it!x

  2. harrysmommy - April 14, 2012

    that looks fab, we have an escape artist (harry) who is contantly getting his arms out of his, i did a post about it. may have to save up to get one of these, they seem worth the money for the extra safety x

  3. Mummy's Little Monkey - April 14, 2012

    Haha! thanks, you’ve put my nerdy mind at rest… 😉

  4. Mummy's Little Monkey - April 14, 2012

    Lil Sis has just started doing that too – scares me silly! But she can’t do it in this seat as the straps are too snug. Foiled!!!!! 😉

  5. Mummy's Little Monkey - April 14, 2012

    They’re brill aren’t they? Big Sis also has the Evolva 1-2-3 and I get real peace of mind knowing they’re both as safe as possible. x

  6. Emma - April 15, 2012

    Its good to be a seatbelt nerd. That seat looks amazing, much better than my maxi cosi one. xx

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