Lil Sis is lovin’ her new Peppa Pig My First Laptop. 

This is how I found her the other day, tapping away like she was the CEO of a multi-national company. Cutesicle.

Maybe she’s fascinated with the different game modes that teach her colours, numbers, and the alphabet. Or perhaps she likes the colourful pictures, and the music it plays. 

Or… maybe she wants to be a journalist – just like Mummy – when she grows up *heart swells with pride at the very thought*.

• peppa pig’s my first laptop, RRP: £19.99, was provided for the purpose of review


  1. Susan Mann - April 23, 2012

    Aww so cute. x

  2. Mummy's Little Monkey - April 23, 2012

    She is totally obsessed with tapping away on this AND my real laptop. Big Sis was never bothered –  a blogger in the making, perhaps???? 😉

  3. Perfectly Happy Mum - April 23, 2012

    Looking very professional there with definitely a bright future ahead! 

  4. Multiple Mummy - April 23, 2012

    Taking after Mummy’s footsteps. It is funny to think they won’t know life without these things. They will look back at family video when they are 30 and go ‘Oh my, look at that, an ipad! How dated!’. 

  5. Alexanderresidence - April 23, 2012

    Isn’t it just fab when they go your way, just a little? I spent all morning playing bear hunts, pirates, making pretend cars and escaping the baddies with my boy. I like to think that’s having a drama teacher for a mum 😉

  6. Kahanka - April 23, 2012

    That is so cute. I cannot believe how big she is! And definitely a blogger in the making ;)))

  7. Emma - April 23, 2012

    oooh fab. I might need to get one of those for Hannah. x

  8. Sarahmumof3 - April 24, 2012

    she looks the perfect mini journalist sooo cute!

  9. Claire Toplis - April 25, 2012

    Its that look that says go away I am net working…

  10. Jane - April 26, 2012

    Oh BB is 2 this month she adores peppa and likes to break my laptop – I could have the perfect gift here?

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