So, there I was, just sitting down with a frothy coffee, when the doorbell rang. ‘For you,’ the Postie announced, handing me a mysterious box. 

I opened it, and may actually have gasped (OK, I definitely did gasp) as before me lay a little corner of cake-y heaven – more commonly known as the Mr Kipling’s individually wrapped Pineapple and St. Clements slices. 

And what exemplary timing – it was almost as the Mr Kipling crew were standing outside, peering through my window, just waiting for me to take a coffee break. Which they weren’t, of course. At least, I don’t think they were… *quickly checks outside for footprints*. No, they weren’t. 

But they didn’t just stop at tasty cakes. Oh no. Also tucked in my little care package was an M&S gift card to buy myself a bouquet of flowers (I love flowers) AND a family pass to the attraction of our choice. 

Lil Sis has recently developed a rather adorable obsession with animals; when she sees a bird/cat/dog/squirrel she stops in her tracks and starts laughing with glee. So we’ve decided to take the girls to London Zoo. Can’t. Wait.

So thanks MR KIPLING for my Little Parcel of Happiness. Turns out they don’t just make exceedingly good cakes, they’re exceedingly nice people too. 

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  1. Alexanderresidence - April 23, 2012

    My Gran always had Mr Kipling’s Bakewell slices squirrelled in the bread bin, I thought they were AMAZING when I was little.  Haven’t had them in years!

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