HUMBLED AND AMAZED (tesco mum of the year awards)

You know how sometimes you try to find the words to describe something, and you just keep coming back to… ‘Wow!’?

That’s kind of how I feel when I try to describe the TESCO MUM OF THE YEAR 2012 awards. 

We turned up at the Waldorf Hilton on a gorgeous London day, to be plied with champagne and – my favourite food group – canapés. 

champers and canapes

We chatted with Michelle Heaton about babies, bellies, and breast feeding, and nudged each other every time a new celeb came into the room (in case you’re wondering, Pixie Lott wears impossibly high shoes, Gaby Logan is as lovely as she seems on the telly, and Denise Lewis is absolutely stunning!). 

stalking, I mean, mingling with the celebs

We nabbed a quick pic on the red carpet (while the waiting crowds looked slightly puzzled as to who we were, exactly?).

on the red carpet

We sat down at our table with lovely telly personality Cherry Healy, who proceeded to get hugely excited that she was sitting next to the Tara Cain. How cool is that?!

see, I was invited!

After our very own mini-concert by Mary Byrne, and the fab Estelle, we met our seven winning Mums… 

the mums make their entrance

I knew I’d be amazed by their amazing stories, but I never imagined I’d be blubbing into my table napkin (note to self: if you’re lucky enough to attend next year, BRING TISSUES!).

Turns out I was in good celebrity company though – I spotted Heidi Range and Nicola McLean both dabbing their eyes as we heard how Sharon Mills campaigned for stricter food safety regulations after losing her five-year-old son to e-Coli poisioning. And how Julie Jones took in her best friend’s five children after she died from a brain tumour. 

And, as of the rest of our table? Let’s just say if Tara, Laura, Ellie and Becky had shed any more tears, we could’ve paddled home. 


The night was topped off by a performance by the hugely talented Dionne Bromfield. 

All too soon, it was time to head home. I started chatting to a fellow train passenger about the awards, only to finish up with half the train carriage listening in, and asking questions! That’s the humbling impact these women have on you. 

All in all, a fantastic day in honour of some exceptional women, and I feel very lucky to have shared it with them. 


  1. InsomniacMummy - March 15, 2012

    It was amazing! Still pinching myself! xx

  2. María José Ovalle - March 16, 2012

    Check you high rolling mummy blogger! So proud and you look smokin’… what a fantastic event. 

  3. Charlotte Everiss - March 16, 2012

    Wow! Look at you living it up with the celebs x Sounds like a fantastic day for a fantastic “real” award not the usual “celeb mum of the year rubbish”.  Love your outfit too x

  4. Nicki - March 16, 2012

    looked like you had a great time, 

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