I could make excuses. I could lay blame. But the cold, hard truth is that I was just too unorganised to get my Trendy Toddler Tuesday up in time this week. End result? I’ve missed the Mummy’s Busy World Linky *hangs head*.

So I had two choices – give up and live with the regret, or post now (on a Sunday, of all days!) and hope above hope that the very kind, beautiful, and talented Maria would allow me to partake in next week’s Linky *looks up hopefully*.

I’ve chosen this pic because Big Sis just loves Mickey Mouse and his menagerie of farmyard friends, and I love a good deal. This little gem was just…wait for it… £4 from Primark.

I know exactly what you’re thinking: ‘FOUR QUID!? My God, she’s a bargain-spotting machine!!’ And you’d be right *smiles smugly*.

Whaddya think Maria? Are we forgiven???



  1. Maria Jose Ovalle - January 16, 2012

    of course you are!!!!!! 🙂 Love it and the 4 quid bargain 🙂 Her face is priceless!

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