THE MONKEYS BEHIND THE MUMMY (my bloggers’ calendar bio)

See these little scallywags – cheeky monkeys, aren’t they? In case you haven’t already guessed by the fairly self-explanatory title, they’re also the inspiration for this blog.

Well, technically it was just Big Sis back in October 2009, when Mummy’s Little Monkey was born. Then, three months later, I got preggers with Lil Sis, so my ramblings expanded to include me moaning about how tired I felt, and how bad my indigestion was, and how I could only hold down Haribo fizzy cherry lollies.

But where did it all begin? Well, I’m a features journo by trade, but my freelancing had taken a hit with the recession. I’d been doing some product reviews for another site when I decided I’d be better off devoting my time to a blog of my very own.

I thought it would be a nice way to document the kids growing up, and for my family back in New Zealand and Australia to feel like they were a part of their day-to-day lives.

I felt pretty confident that digital journalism was about to explode, and hoped the blog would somehow nudge me on to my next career path. Which it has… Social Media Consultant/Manager, at your service *bows*.

I’ve been to some amazing events, and taken part in some seriously fun projects (including the Cybermummy Bloggers’ Calendar) AND met a pile of very cool peeps along the way. Bonus! 

Not sure what the future holds for blogging, but I’m excited to be along for the ride.

Now, give me my Calendar! 😉


  1. Coombe Mill - December 20, 2011

    Well done you for turning your career around and adapting round the family

  2. SusanKMann - December 20, 2011

    So cute and good luck getting one. x

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