Big Sis LOVES oranges, but had a traumatic experience the other week when juice squirted into her eye during the peeling process.

Since then she’s been suffering from Post Traumatic Satsuma Disorder, and has point-blank refused to deal with her own Easy Peelers. 

Until she struck upon this rather novel solution… 

Bloody brilliant, or utterly barmy? I can’t decide…


  1. AmsterdaMummy - November 22, 2011

    Those pesky Satsumas. What a clever little girl. From your blog title I was expecting to read something about Holland… but this was just a lovely.

  2. MUMMY'S LITTLE MONKEY (@Jax2000) - November 22, 2011

    AmsterdaMummy: LOL!! No football players, unfortunately, just citrus fruit. 😉

  3. KiwiLinz - November 24, 2011

    Awww great kid she has inherited her Poppa Linz’s genius!! Love and miss you Lucia and Natalia. XXXX

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