MONKEY LOVES (the eye-fi wireless memory card)

I love taking photos. Really, really love taking photos. I have more than 6000 photos on my computer. Six thousand. And those are just the ones I’ve taken in the past five years. 

That works out more than 1000 pics a year. That’s more than three pics a day, for every single day of the year, that’s… well, you get the idea. 

Because I’m constantly snapping away like a crazy lady, I’m also having to continually upload them on to my poor, overloaded laptop – which is a bit of a pain, as the USB cable always seems to be at the opposite end of the house when I need it. 

My life is so tough, right? Not any more, people, not any more.

You know when you hear about products that sound too futuristic to actually be true? That’s what I thought when I first read about the EYE-FI memory card. 

It just slides into your camera, like a regular card, and stores all your images and video clips. BUT rather than faffing about with cables and waiting ages for all your pics to upload, the card automatically does it all for you. What the what??? I hear you say.

Allow me explain…