ROCK & ROLL! (Etymotics earphone review)

I lurve techie stuff. If it beeps, flashes, does fun stuff, or makes life just a little bit easier, then it gets the thumbs up from me. 

The other month I was more than a little excited to be invited to arvo tea at the Charlotte Street Hotel, by the glamorous team at Ranieri Communications

Over tiny sandwiches and teensy pastries they showed us some of the brilliant gadgets released by their clients. Cue the drool overdrive. 

Like these Etymotic earphones (R) that can be used with your iPhone, iPod, or iPad – or any other gadget for that matter. 

Just another pair of earphones, right? Nuh-uh.  

Not only do these Etymotic earphones look and sound pretty spesh, they’re the same brand used by professional musicians. The superior sound quality and noise isolation means you hear the songs exactly how they were recorded. 
In fact they’re so fancy, there’s even an app you can download that recognises important background noise – like approaching traffic when you’re out jogging – and automatically filters it through your headphones.

The regular models are fab on their own, but you can also upgrade and get your own custom-fit ear moulds.

In between admiring all the gadgety goodies, we had the chance to get our very own personalised ear buds.

One by one we were ushered off. Bright yellow goopy foam was squirted into our ears, and left to harden. From this impression a cast was made, and silicone earmoulds created to custom fit our headsets, and our ear canals.

Our very own haute couture headphones. How Rock Star is that??

Jealous? My music-loving OH was. In fact he was practically green with earbud envy. Perhaps I’ll let him borrow them some time. On second thoughts – he can get his own!!

•  The Etymotics earphones and custom fit ear moulds were provided for review


  1. Tattie Weasle - September 9, 2011

    Berlimey didn’t know you could get custom fit. Sounds like a good Xmas pressie for my OH

  2. MUMMY'S LITTLE MONKEY (@Jax2000) - September 9, 2011

    Aren’t they cool? Apparently I have very small ear canals. See, I’d never have known that otherwise!!!! 😉

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