BREAKFAST BOOGIE (magicbox minuet review)

When I got the chance to review the Magicbox Minuet DAB radio I realised I hadn’t listened to the radio in years!

When I worked on magazines years ago there was always a radio playing somewhere in the office, but once I started freelancing from home I never bothered to buy one.

At that stage it was all about the fancy new MP3 players that had just come out – seven years later I now simply download albums straight to my iPhone.

It was time to reacquaint myself with the wireless, so as soon as I received the Magicbox Minuet, I tuned it on to my old favourite station (this is where I should probably pretend it’s Radio 1, or something highbrow, but it’s, ahem, Capital…).

One of the things that always used to drive me nuts about listening to the radio was that annoying scratchy static if you didn’t get a good signal, but this is DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) so it’s much clearer.

I loved the way the autoscan displayed the name of the station, rather than just the frequency, the simple, compact design, and the funky hot pink colour.

So, how did the radio go down in Chez Monkey? Well, let me paint a picture: each morning I stumble blearily downstairs with two obscenely energetic kids in tow. Big Sis runs straight to the radio, and turns it on (it’s really simple for kids to use). Music starts blaring, and the dancing begins.

Big Sis kicks it off with a groovy little side-to-side hip swing. Then Lil Sis joins in with a bit of head banging and grunting. Then, at some point, the attention shifts to me. ‘Dance, Mummy dance!’ Big Sis orders.

So, knees creaking, and before I’ve even had my heart-starter morning cup of coffee, I find myself busting shapes on the kitchen tiles. It’s not pretty… but it is pretty fun, so the Magicbox Minuet gets a big thumbs up from the Monkeys.

The Magicbox Minuet costs £29.99 and available from, and

• the Magicbox Minuet was provided for the purpose of review


  1. Maria Jose and Little M - September 28, 2011

    Why is it that I LOVE everything you review? For reals, I love this! And we also have a bathroom’s amazing just how much time we spend in there. I get all my news AND I know all the cool songs. Oh yeahhhh.

  2. MUMMY'S LITTLE MONKEY (@Jax2000) - September 28, 2011

    It is pretty darn coolio! AND I’m now down with the kids on the Top 10. Yo Yo Yo!

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