LOSING MY WAY (my sat nav saviour)

Directions just ain’t my thing. The other week I attempted the 10-minute drive to the local cinema to watch Harry Potter. I got horrendously lost, and ended up missing the session and driving back home feeling sorry for myself. 
My OH just stared at me in utter disbelief. ‘How could you miss an entire cinema complex?’ he asked, stunned by my directional ineptitude.
Little did I know my problems could have been solved so simply…
A few months back I downloaded an app called CoPilot Live which cleverly converts your iPhone into an ickle sat nav. 
Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to use it before a Bulgarian lorry driver ran OH off the road, totalling his van, and forcing him to commandeer the family car to get to work.
Forward a few months, and one stressful insurance claim later, and I was back behind the wheel and ready to try it out.
To be honest, I was a bit dubious of how well it would work – sat Navs cost around £100, where as the CoPilot Live UK and Ireland app can be downloaded from iTunes for just £24.99 (there is also a Premium version costing £29.99).
But I was really pleasantly surprised. I just entered the postcode of my destination, and set my iPhone up in the hands-free cradle, and it was transformed into a Sat Nav.
Although the screen was smaller than regular models, I still found it easy to follow, and the directions were all backed up with clear verbal instructions.
I haven’t had a regular sat nav to compare it too, so can’t tell you how it stacks up against a more expensive versions, or how accurate it is on a long-haul journey, but I can tell you that I reached my destination quickly and easily, and with no wrong turns. And that’s no mean feat for me!
• The CoPilot Live app was provided for the purpose of this review

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  1. MIdlife Singlemum - August 29, 2011

    But can it show you Harry Potter?

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