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We love Wow Toys in the Monkey house – and not because the lovely Tanya (PR supremo, and wife of company founder Nadim Laperouse) plied me with chocolate when I called in to see her the other week (although it was delish).

Nor does it have anything to do with the fact she waved me off with a bag stuffed full of Wow goodies to take home to Big and Lil Sis (although that was rather exciting too).

I love Wow Toys because they’re a battery-free zone. You won’t find a single one in any of their toys – kids are encouraged to use their imaginations to bring the products to life. 

The girls are very lucky, and have been spoiled with lots of fancy toys bought by friends and grandparents. They beep, and flash, and practically make dinner (OK, that last bit’s not true), but while they have a great time playing with them, they always comes back to their Wow Toys. 

The range includes all sorts of fun and fascinating toys, from a big recycling truck (Big Sis’s favourite) to racing cars, to a wind-up submarine that propels through the bathtub (mine & Lil Sis’ favourite!)

Big Sis’ birthday is coming up, and I’ve already got my eye on their fab rocket ship.

Up until now Wow Toys have only been available from independent retailers and toys stores. But you’ll be pleased to hear they’ll soon be stocked in Argos too. In fact, during the month of July, that’s the only place where you’ll be able to buy this limited edition Fire Rescue Rory helicopter. 

Not only does it have a trigger-powered top rotor, that spins as it ‘flies’, it also has a nifty magnetic feature which allows it to pick up and drop off a medical stretcher. Also included are two removable figures – the pilot, and an injured patient.

Check out their range, and you’re bound to be ‘wowed’ too!

• The limited edition Fire Rescue Rory helicopter was provided for the purpose of this review. You can pick up your very own from Argos this July, for just £14.99. 

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  1. Online Toy Store - June 29, 2011

    Non-battery operated toys are real safe and fun for kids. Surely your children did enjoy these wow toys.. spark up their creative minds 🙂

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