MONKEY LOVES… (articulate frames)

These brilliant wooden art frames from Articulate…

How often does your child’s artwork languish on the front of the fridge, edges curling, and colours fading in the sun?? Yet it’s so hard to throw away something they’ve made with their own chubby little hands…

Big Sis loves drawing (just ask the walls of our old flat…). But while I’d love to keep some of her art for sentimental reasons, it’s always hard to know exactly what to do with it. After all, it can’t stay on the fridge forever – not with a constant flow of new designs all vying for pole position!

The clever design of the wooden Articulate frame allows you to display and preserve all their mini-masterpieces. They feature side openings, to easily slide the artwork in, and deep, open apertures so you can even display 3-D pictures and collages. 

Here’s Big Sis, demonstrating how simple it is:

And here is the finished result, all framed up and looking gorg!

The range includes single, £14.99, double, £19.99 and triple frames, £24.99, and also comes in an A3 size, £19.99. There’s even a set of eco-friendly cardboard frames, currently on sale for £14.99.

So get your very own frame from: and preserve those arty childhood memories forever.

• the Articulate frame was provided for the purpose of this review


  1. Mummy's Little Monkey (@Jax2000) - May 11, 2011

    Working London Mummy: They look really contemporary and classy – I plan to steal the idea of their website and build an entire wall of frames and pictures. x

  2. PhotoPuddle - May 11, 2011

    That’s actually a rather cool idea. I keep so much of my daughter’s artwork!!

  3. Mummy's Little Monkey (@Jax2000) - May 11, 2011

    PhotoPuddle: Aren’t they fab?? I think they’re ingenius!! x

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