Here t’is… this week’s entry for The Gallery.

The prompt was ‘Green’ and at first I was going to go for the obvious choice and post a pic of Big Sis playing under a huge tree – but then I found this one which I took at the local park on Saturday.

Big Sis took one look at the merry-go-round, and was off as fast as her stubby little legs could carry her. 

She stayed on there so long, at 80p a pop, that we had to sell Lil Sis to settle the bill. I’m joking, of course. Or am I? Come to think of it, has anyone seen Lil Sis recently??

But seriously, it was a lovely day making the most of the freakishly good Easter weather.

And here’s a pic of Lil Sis reading (and eating) today’s Heat magazine to prove we didn’t leave her with the Merry-Go-Round lady – just in case you had any lingering doubts… 😉



  1. Jacq - April 27, 2011

    Green buses are much more attractive than red ones aren’t they?

  2. Mom-on-a-Wire - April 27, 2011

    Good grief Lil Sis is becoming a real little beauty!

    Love that green bus, you should tell Boris to make a plan :-D!

  3. Mummy...Mummy.....MUM!! - April 27, 2011

    Fab bus! Lil Sis has good magazine taste!

  4. Mummy's Little Monkey (@Jax2000) - April 27, 2011

    Jacq: And much easier to spot on dull or foggy days! x

  5. Mummy's Little Monkey (@Jax2000) - April 27, 2011

    Mom-on-a-Wire: I’ve left him a message at the Gherkin, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to insist all red buses be repainted green.

  6. Mummy's Little Monkey (@Jax2000) - April 27, 2011

    Mummy Mummy Mum: Funny you should say ‘taste’ since she spent most of the time trying to chew the pages. I woudn’t have minded, but I haven’t finished reading it yet 😉

  7. Mummy's Little Monkey (@Jax2000) - April 27, 2011

    SusanKMann: Isn’t it fab?? Terrible driver though… 😉

  8. Mummy's Little Monkey (@Jax2000) - April 27, 2011

    Dawnie Brown: I don’t know why they don’t paint all buses bright green! x

  9. Mummy's Little Monkey (@Jax2000) - April 27, 2011

    The Boy and Me: Much nicer than boring old red – don’t you think?? x

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