It’s that time again, time to:

For those of you not yet familiar with the concept – simply write your regular post, or flag up an old favourite, then enter your URL details with Mr Linky below, and he’ll do the rest of the work.
Follow me, if you don’t already, then share the love by visiting the other entries on the list. If you like what you see, subscribe or follow them too, or pop them in your reader. 
If you comment on anyone’s blog, remember to let them know who you are, and how you found them. Tell your friends about it too, and encourage them to join in.
If you spot my tweets, RT them to all your Tweet Peeps, so we get lots of lovely new readers for all our blogs. The list starts fresh every week (usually Friday evening but don’t hate me if I’m tardy…) and the idea is to come back again and again to relist your details.
There are absolutely no limits to the number of times you can ‘Blow Your Own Blog-Horn’. In fact I hope to see you all every single week.
You don’t have to comment every time (even though it tells you too). If you want to include a brief description of your blog, or your chosen post, in the comment section instead, please feel free!!
Right, enough dilly-dallying – click on Mr Linky below, get posting, and get reading!
Mummy’s LIttle Monkey


  1. Mummy's Little Monkey - April 1, 2011

    Hello to all my regular Blow Your Own Blog-Horn visitors, and the people who’ve just joined us for the first time this week! It’s great to see you all! Mummy’s Little Monkey xxx

  2. writingsramblingsandreviews - April 1, 2011

    Thank you again, looking forward to some good posts!

  3. Dee - April 1, 2011

    Why didn’t I notice this before? Great idea 😀

  4. Sonia - April 1, 2011

    Happy April Fools Day :O)
    I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day on Sunday too x

  5. I Heart Motherhood - April 1, 2011

    Hiya, back again! Looking forward to checking out some other blogs! Mine’s the beginning of my first child birth story – the non gory part…lol!

  6. Laid-back Mum - April 1, 2011

    Hello again,

    Thanks for this, looking forward to some good posts!
    Hope you are well,
    Emma x

  7. Mumbling Mum - April 1, 2011

    Thanks again :)
    I’ve linked a post from 2 days ago…small competition and not many entries so far!

    I think I’ve found most of my favourite blogs through this link. I see tales of a childbirth story in there….right up my street!!

    Later alligators x

  8. Bibsey Mama - April 1, 2011

    Thanks as always for the opportunity to big-ourselves-up and to discover some great blogs.

    Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday y’all.


  9. brinkofbedlam - April 1, 2011

    Hello again! Mine’s called ‘For the Love of Chocolate!’ (after family and my cat, this is the next love of my life!. Come visit and I look forward to browsing other blogs. :O)

  10. coffeecurls - April 1, 2011

    I’ve linked to an older post of mine that people may not have read first time around. Thanks for the blog hop x

  11. Polythene Pram - April 1, 2011


    Mine is called Super mum (!) and her big fat bum – quite amusing, I promise!


  12. TheMadHouse - April 1, 2011

    I have linked two this week, as I did a guest post on blogger ed, hope you dont mind

  13. Lucy - April 1, 2011

    PARP PAAARP!! My blog is for British aunties and godmothers and ladies who love the kids in their life! Happy Friday xx

  14. Laura Nelson - April 1, 2011

    Thanks for another amazing blog horn :)

  15. Scribbling Mum - April 1, 2011

    Hellooo, not been round for a while, I always seem to be eating curry on a Friday night but just saw your tweet and it reminded me to come and blow 😉

  16. kateab - April 1, 2011

    I haven’t done this for ages. Mine is a bit of a different one this week so I thought I’d include.

  17. Laura - April 1, 2011

    Not been on in awhile, looking forward to finding some new reads!

  18. Emma In Bromley - April 1, 2011

    I’ve never done a blog hop before! Having a great read, what a lovely idea I like discovering new blogs to read.
    My blog covers parenting in general but also things for local families. Look out for my post on the problem with parabens and the one I wrote today on parenting etiquette! If anyone comments on my blog, I want you to understand that I’ll love you forever and add you to my Christmas card list! X

  19. The Pixies Pocket - April 1, 2011

    Linking for the first time.
    New to blogging. Hope you like mine.
    Not sure I can decribe what kind of blog it is yet, still finding my feet, so it is a bit of a mix about children, crafting and me.

  20. boucheinthecity - April 2, 2011

    Thanks for allowing me to blow my own blog horn… again! Looking forward to reading some new blogs! Jo x

  21. @rachaelphillips - April 2, 2011

    What a wonderful idea! Have popped up an old post but looking forward to a weekend of reading!! x

  22. bubbleboo - April 2, 2011

    How have I not noticed this before?! I can only assume it’s because I’ve been running around like a headless chicken for months, lol. Fab idea – can’t wait to find some new bloggy gems 😀

  23. thingsandstuff - April 2, 2011

    My post is from my Doodler’s Corner section…..a bit of my blog where I feature an artist or illustrator and interview them :) x

  24. Carolin - April 3, 2011

    Back again and looking forward to find many new and interesting blog posts x

  25. PantsWithNames - April 3, 2011

    Off to go and explore a few new blogs!

  26. AnnabelBlanche - April 3, 2011

    great idea! can’t wait to read them all!

  27. Maria - April 3, 2011

    66!?! That will take me a while to go through them… This week I blab again about p&g mothers campaign, flashback to 1980s and how I see motherhood in the teenies.

  28. Helen - April 4, 2011

    Oh I’m kinky number 69!

  29. Ali - April 6, 2011

    Not like me to blow my own horn but thanks for the oppoturnity ( Honk!)

    Now I need to find out what I am really doing :)

  30. Sa - April 9, 2011

    Hi there, thanks for letting me blow my horn. It felt good! lol xx

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