MONKEY LOVES… Cuddletwist kid’s hair towel

Cuddledry Cuddletwist 1

• Cuddletwist was provided for the purpose of this review

Big Sister hates her hair being washed. So much so, I have to bribe her with episodes of Fireman Sam, and endless renditions of Sleepy Bunnies just to get a few suds in her locks.

But can I dry her hair afterwards? Not a chance. She starts screaming like a banshee, flinging herself on the floor, and scrambling down the stairs like she’s escaping from an axe murderer (she gets the dramatic flair from her father).

As us Mums know full well, the trick to getting toddlers to do something is to make it seem interesting somehow… Impossible, you say? Clearly you haven’t seen the Cuddledry Cuddletwist.

You simply grab your dripping toddler, stretch the towel over their head, twist the long tail at the back, and tuck it back through the elastic ring – as modelled below…

Cuddledry Cuddletwist 2

Not only did she not mind me drying her hair, the next time she actually asked me to wrap her ‘Hair like Mummy’s’.
Because it’s made from soft, stretchy bamboo fibres, the Cuddletwist is much more absorbent than regular cotton – I didn’t need to use a hairdryer at all afterwards – and still stayed nice and soft after I washed it.

Now if someone could just invent a device to make Toddler sit still while I comb the knots out of her hair, bath time will be a breeze!


Cuddledry Cuddletwist 3



  1. Victoria - February 22, 2011

    I have those, we have 2 one for me & one her.
    mind you she always uses them even when her hair isn’t wet.

  2. Mummy's Little Monkey - February 22, 2011

    Victoria: I read that adults can use them too! Big Sister had better watch out, or Mummy might just commandeer the Cuddletwist for herself… 😉

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