Big Sis has always loved Little Dish meals (especially the yummy Mild Chicken Korma, which always smells so good I wish I had one for myself…)

So when the lovely Charlotte from LD asked if she wanted to try out the new Beef and Spinach Cannelloni, well, let’s just say Todzilla didn’t need asking twice.

It arrived in a snazzy Little Dish cooler pack, which Big Sis was so excited about she insisted on filling it with her toys and carrying it around all day, like a designer handbag. 

We sampled the cannelloni later that night (super-duper cool Cow plate not included…).

The technical guff is as follows: The Beef and Spinach Cannelloni contains pasta rolls filled with Aberdeen Angus beef mince, mixed chopped spinach, and tomatoes, and topped with cheese sauce. 

It contains no added salt or sugar, and counts as one portion towards your five-a-day fruit and veg target.

All very impressive, but as we Mums know all too well, all the health benefits in the world don’t mean a thing if your little one refuses to eat it! 

Big Sis has been going through a bit of a picky stage recently, and hasn’t been overly keen on red meat, so I wasn’t entirely sure how she’d react to this. But she gobbled it right  up – like one of those professional speed eaters trying to beat their personal best.

It was a definite thumbs up from the Monkey.

AT £2.29 for a 200g serving, it’s a bit more than I would usually budget for one toddler meal. I try to buy a dish each week with the big shop – or more if there’s a BOGOF or a special deal – and freeze them. 

They’re great for when I’m really busy with work, or we get home late, and I just don’t have time or energy to prepare a nutritious meal. 

The Little Dish range is available from Tesco, Waitrose, and Sainsbury’s stores. For more info check out


  1. Michelle Twin Mum - January 22, 2011

    I always think those meals look nice too! Mich x

  2. Andrea Cutts - January 22, 2011

    little dish korma was a fav for ‘O’ but now we are dairy free (and gluten free for ‘O’) there’s just very little available – seem to put dairy in everything!

  3. Marina - January 23, 2011

    Check out the Marks and Spencer meals for kids. They taste great and because they’re Marks i trust them not to have any nasties in them.

  4. PhotoPuddle - January 23, 2011

    I always make sure I have a couple of Little Dish meals in the fridge or freezer just in case I need make a meal in a hurry. They are really nice. I agree with Marina though the M&S ones are really fab.

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