Thingy of the Week!!

Since some thieving *@^*&$@*s broke into my partner’s van three weeks ago, I’ve had to cart the girls around using the travel stroller for Todzilla, and my trusty BabyBjörn carrier for Mini-Monkey. 

The *@^*&$@*s didn’t actually make off with our double stroller, thank goodness, but the damage wreaked on the van meant three weeks of repairs, which meant a teeny courtesy car in its place, which meant we couldn’t physically get the bulky double stroller to where we were staying.

Then, of course, we had Snow-maggedon. After being house-bound for a few days by the dumping, it finally thawed enough for me to venture outside with my make-do carrier/stroller combo. 

I used the BabyBjörn carrier all the time when Todzilla was ickle. It was really handy, especially for short trips when I couldn’t be faffed getting the stroller out, but on the colder days I worried that her legs were getting cold. I tried wrapping a blanket around her lower body, but it never stayed in place. 
Which is why my ear pricked up when I heard about the  BabyBjörn Carrier Cover. It’s like a soft fleece sleeping bag that tucks around bubs while they’re in the carrier. 
It covers up their exposed legs, arms and has a hood to cover their neck and head. The fleece is not just an extra layer of warmth, but is water repellent, and windproof too – great if you get caught out by the crazy weather extremes we’ve been seeing recently.
It can be used forwards and backwards, and fits the entire range (except the Comfort Carrier) by simply attaching to the plastic clips via elastic loops. 
I’ve been trying it out with Mini-Monkey all week and love it! It’s easy to get on and off, and really does keep the little ‘un warm and cosy, despite the freezing outside temps. It can even be used as a snug fitted blanket when they are in the carseat, or stroller. When I looked on the website I noticed they also have a UV version, for the summer months, so your little one is protected all year round.
The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Cover is machine washable, and comes in different colours. RRP: £29.99

* The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Cover was provided for the purpose of this review

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  1. The Alexander Residence - December 17, 2010

    Oh I wish they had been around when i needed them – so useful!

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