The ‘Me Finder’ kids’ digital wristband

When I was five-years-old (many moons ago) I got lost. I’d promised my Mum I’d wait in the car while she went shopping, then decided I wanted to go too. 

So I clambered out, planning to catch up, but got hopelessly lost. I was rescued, a sobbing wreck, by a lovely old lady. 

She took me to the management office, where they put out the time-honoured Tannoy announcement, and Mum and I were quickly reunited. But I still remember the fear and panic 33 years later.

Todzilla is two and a bit now, and utterly fearless. If you chase her, she screams with excitement. Give her a fright and she cracks up laughing. Take her to the soft play centre, and she heads straight to the biggest, scariest death slide.

While her nerves of steel are impressive, they’re also a bit of a concern, as her overconfidence means she could easily run off into a crowd, without a backward glance. The thought makes me go cold with dread, but I know I can’t keep her stuck to my side forever.

Which is why I liked the idea of the ‘Me Finder’. The idea is simple – a funky wristband with a digital display that holds three phone numbers. If your little one wanders off and gets lost, they simply need to find a safe adult, and ask them to call the number on the screen.

All you need to do is input your numbers, make sure your child wears the band, and teach them about the types of adults they should approach if they get lost – such as parents with children, and people wearing uniforms, with name badges. Instruct them to stay exactly where they are, until you come to find them, and never let anyone take them away, or follow them into a car. 

When I tested it out, I found it a teeny bit tricky to input the names and numbers. I couldn’t figure out how to backtrack and erase when I made a mistake, so had to redo it a few times from scratch before I got it exactly right. But once it was all sorted, it worked perfectly, clearly displaying both ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’s’ mobile numbers. 

Of course the Me Finder is no replacement for watching your children carefully, but it’s a reassuring back-up, and helps to ensure that, if you do become separated from your child, you’ll soon be safely reunited again. 

The ‘Me Finder’ digital wrist band is a great stocking stuffer, retails at £14.99, and is available from: 

* The Me Finder was supplied for the purpose of this review


  1. writeonmum - December 6, 2010

    Sounds good and looks funky too! There’s nothing worse than that awful sick and stomach churning feeling when you lose sight of your child – even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. So, anything that can alleviate stress for mums is a winner!

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