How cool is this t-shirt?? 

I popped into H&M the other day and was seriously impressed with their range of kids’ and baby clothes. 

Both the Monkeys make a right mess, so I don’t see the point of spending loads on their everyday wear. I bought a pile of bargain tops, including this fab Rolling Stones motif t-shirt for Big Sis. (Technically it was in the boys’ section, but I didn’t see any reason why this couldn’t be unisex). 

I also got a smaller size for when mini-Monkey is a bit older, so they can both be funky rock chicks! Best part? They only cost £4.99 each. 

I also picked up the cutest baby-sized Grandpa T’s for just £2.99, and two pairs of kid’s cords for £5.99 each. Bargain!!


  1. Emily - November 11, 2010

    Love it! I have also found some gems at h and m including a girls smock top with beautiful print that could be passed off as liberty 🙂

  2. Kate - November 11, 2010

    Oh – and your little girl is ridiculously cute!

  3. Mummy Bear - November 11, 2010

    I buy a ridiculous amount of clobber for Little P from the boys section in H&M. Its brilliant for hoodies and T shirts! x

  4. rock n roll mummy - November 11, 2010

    I got the very same top for my rock baby well actually its more like a dress on her! they are so cool aren’t they! x

  5. Mummy's Little Monkey - November 12, 2010

    Ain’t it fab? Bit disconcerting that my toddler is a better dresser than me though. She carries off the Rock Chick look so well, where as I just look like an ageing suburban try-hard… Ah well, at least one of us looks ‘cool’!! 🙂

  6. Helen - November 15, 2010

    I do just love bargain buying, specially as we’re a budget family so being careful with our money is key! H&M does have nice clothes but the one near me has a real bad range for babies 🙁

  7. Anonymous - January 20, 2012

    Awww. bought this t shirt for a friend of mine who was pregnant in 2010 and she absolutely ,loved it… Now I am expecting and wanted sooo bad to get the same t but h&m has changed the style.. new collection doesn’t look half as cool!

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